Lark Portable Buildings of Lancaster
Lark Portable Buildings of Lancaster
Lark Portable Buildings of Lancaster is your #1 source for custom storage buildings, utility buildings, playhouses, gazebos, carports and metal buildings. Serving York, Chester and Lancaster counties since 1995 providing Lark, Out Back buildings, and Newmart carports
Lark Portable Buildings of Lancaster is your #1 source for custom storage buildings, utility buildings, playhouses, gazebos, carports and metal buildings.    Serving York, Chester and Lancaster counties since 1995providing Lark, Out Back buildings, and Newmart carports


Skid End Double Lag-Bolted and Hurricane Clipped

Floor Frame Assembly
All of our floor joists are connected to the skids by being nailed and lag bolted at each dado to assure that the base of our buildings have superior wind uplift protection. On the skid ends, we not only double lag bolt our headers at a 45 degree angle to the skids, we also hurricane clip them for additional holding power.

Mortise Splice and Bolted Skid

Floor Skid Fabrication
While other manufacturers use two 2 x 6′s nailed together for the all important base structure or floor skids of their buildings, we at Lark use only solid 4 x 6′s that are precision trimmed, tapered, and dadoed for our floor skids. When we require skids that are longer than our available timbers, we mortise the splice and make the connection using six 4″ galvanized lag bolts. This assures the uncompromising strength and durability of our buildings.

23/32″ T and G Plywood Installed

Plywood Installation
One of the most oustanding features of our Lark Floor System is the treated 23/32″ T & G plywood decking. when we place this rigid panel at 16″ on center spacing, we are able to give you a floor loading of 125 P.S.F. The reason we use this floor loading is to make sure that the super structure of the building is adequately supported and that the integrity and stability of the unit is not compromised. The 23/32″ T & G plywood gives a more even fit, prevents sag, and provides a more aesthetically pleasing floor finish.


Lark Buildings of Lancaster is now a NEWMART carport and garage dealer.  

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